Principal's Monthly News Letter




InView Testing

Our 2nd grade students took the In View test during the 2nd week in February on 2/7 and 2/8. This test is helpful for identifying Gifted and Talented students in 3rd grade; as well as offering cognitive assessment data for struggling students. Kimberly Pettit, our G/T teacher has been instrumental in communicating with teachers, administering the test, and sending them to the scoring company.


Officer Phil came for all 1st Graders


On February 8th, the Officer Phil Program came to Davenport for our 1st graders. This is a safety program sponsored by our Egg Harbor Township Police Department. The presenter used magic to teach our students about safety. He talked about strangers and the best steps to take when approached or concerned about a stranger. Car, bus, and bike safety tips are addressed too. Thank you to the EHT Police Department for bringing this important program to our students. This supports our efforts in empowering students to be aware of their surroundings at all times.


Read Across America Begins February 26th – March 2nd


Our librarians, Laurie Goodman and Stephanie Cavileer, arranged many events to promote reading during this special reading week. We also enjoyed having readers from around the school and within our school community here at Davenport to share a favorite story and promote a love for reading. This is always a wonderful way for our students to listen to young and old readers alike; as well as interact with each other.

Theme days:

Monday- “Oh the Places you Go Day”: Wear something from a place you have visited.

Tuesday – “Green Eggs and Ham Day”: Wear something green.

Wednesday- “Fox in Socks Day”: Wear your favorite crazy socks.

Thursday –“One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Day”: Wear bright- colored clothes.

Friday – “Cat in the Hat Day” – Wear red, white, and black.


Potato Book Characters


Our librarian, Mrs. Cavileer asked students to put their creative talents to work and decorate potatoes like book characters. Beginning on February 12, students selected their favorite book characters from books that they have read. Then, they used paper, cloth, paint, crayons, and other craft materials to transform their potatoes. This was such a great project and brought many smiles to staff and students here. Check out the pictures on our website!


Parent’s Club Events

Candy Bar Bingo was held on February 9th around the Valentine’s Day holiday. Students and adults played BINGO with friends and won prizes of candy bars for winning cards! Thank you to our Parents’ Club for arranging a fun and sweet-filled night out!


100th Day of School


On February 14th, our school celebrated the 100th Day on Valentine’s Day. It was a big day of love and celebration! The teachers and students had different activities of counting 100 items and creating special learning crafts for the 100th day! They had special projects and treats for Valentine’s Day too.




Jump Rope for Heart

 During the week of 2/5, our students participated in Jump Rope for Heart. Money was collected for a great cause and students were sponsored in their jump rope efforts. Thank you to our Physical Education Teachers: Jeff Conley, Lauren Ricci, and Alissa Lamey for promoting health and fitness; while also encouraging service and helping others for a worthy cause.


Humane Society Collection

Started 2/1 and ran through the end of the month. Students showed their humanity for our furry and feathered friends by bringing in treats and toys.


Davenport Singers

Mrs. Schenck has been leading this great group for their next performance. They have been rehearsing during this month to get ready for the STEAM Fair on 3/21!


“Change for CHOP” Fundraiser and Pep Rally

Our students have been working with our Renaissance Team to collect change for cancer research. We have a student at Davenport who is fighting this battle. Students began their efforts on 1/30 and collected until February 21st. Fernwood School jumped in and supported our efforts too. A huge thank you to Mr. Battersby and Fernwood for helping us!


To celebrate our students’ efforts and motivate them to collect, we had a Pie in the Face Contest that occurred at a school wide Renaissance Pep Rally on 2/23. The Olympic- themed pep rally was so much fun and complete with flags and paper torches held high as our students entered. We had a Freeze Dance Off in between relay events too. Detective Finnerty attended from EHT Police Department. We had our Assistant Superintendents, Mr. Santilli and Mr. Davis, join us too!


Thank you to Miss McGroarty for leading this fundraising project. Thank you to our entire school community who showed us their support.


Character Education and Forest Friends Lessons:


Our character education lessons have continued for this month on 2/13 for both Primary and Elementary students. In addition, our 1st grade students participated in Forest Friends, which brings in counselors from our community to teach character education lessons. Forest Friends lessons will continue into March with only 1-2 classes at a time.


Class Pictures and Staff Picture

2/21 Primary Class picture and Staff Picture

2/22 Elementary Picture


MARCH:  Read across America; Pictures; Book Fair; Report Cards; Stem Science Fair


3/1       “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, wear bright colored clothing

3/1       Forest Friends: 9:55am Battilana, 10:30am Hampton, 11:10amCurtin, 11:45am Matricardi

3/1       Davenport Singers Rehearsal @ 2:45pm-Dismissal FULL CHOIR (That’s everyone)

3/2       Cat in the Hat Day, wear Red, Black, and White

3/6       Forest Friends: 9:55am Minter/Bates, 10:30am McQuillen, 11:05am Weber, 11:40am Taylor

3/7       Davenport Singers Rehearsal @ 2:45pm-Dismissal FULL CHOIR (that’s everyone)

3/8       Forest Friends: 9:55am Battilana, 10:30am Hampton, 11:10amCurtin, 11:45am Matricardi

3/8       Abbreviated Day (Staff Professional Day)

3/11     Spring ahead:  Turn your clocks ahead one hour

3/12-16 Book Fair (Parents Club)

3/12     Pete’s Sub order forms go out

3/12     Parents Club meeting @ 4:00pm

3/12     Character Ed. Elementary Café, 2nd grade @ 9:50am & 3rd grade @ 10:30am

3/13     Forest Friends: 9:55am Minter/Bates, 10:30am McQuillen, 11:05am Weber, 11:40am Taylor

3/13-17   Book Fair Elementary Gym

3/14     Davenport Singers Rehearsal @ 9:45am-10:15 FULL CHOIR (that’s everyone)

3/14     Nature’s Vision Due

3/14     Read and Play Night (Parents’ Club) Elementary Gym @ 6:00pm

3/14     Title One Family Night Primary @ 4:30pm-6:00pm

3/14     Title One Family Night Elementary @ 3:45pm-5:45pm

3/15     Forest Friends: 9:55am Battilana, 10:30am Hampton, 11:10amCurtin, 11:45am Matricardi

3/15     Davenport Singers Rehearsal @ 2:45pm-Dismissal FULL CHOIR (that’s everyone)

3/19     Brayces Dental Assembly Primary Gym @ 10:20am & 1:30pm

3/20     First Day of Spring

3/20     Character Ed. 1st grade @ 1:50pm in Gym

3/20     Character Ed. Kindergarten in classroom @ 10:15am & 1:00pm

3/20     Brayces Dental Assembly Elem. Café @ 9:45am & 10:30am

3/20     Forest Friends: 9:55am Minter/Bates, 10:30am McQuillen, 11:05am Weber, 11:40am Taylor

3/21     Davenport Singers Dress Rehearsal/School Concert @ 2:00pm

3/21     STEM FAIR Elementary @ 5:00pm – 7:30pm

Science - Gym & Café

            Art Show – Nurse Hallway

            Choir Show - Cafe

3/21     Report Cards Issued

3/22     Forest Friends: 9:55am Battilana, 10:30am Hampton, 11:10amCurtin, 11:45am Matricardi

3/22     3rd Grade Choir Concert @ 2pm

3/23     Renaissance Trimester Day: Wear your Davenport Shirt

3/23     Pete’s sub orders due

3/28     Spring Parties ½ day schedule

3/28     Pete’s sub delivered

3/29     Abbreviated Day

3/30     School Closed Spring Recess



Maryann Giardina, Principal